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Double Lock Power Sweep Ultimate Kit

Double Lock Power Sweep Ultimate Kit

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Fittings Keyed or not Keyed

Double lock kit Ultimate

Kit to clean any flue 4″ boiler pipe, 5″ – 12″ Liners and class one chimneys & inglenooks & clay liner breaking

Quick overview of Advantages of this product compared to others on the market

Double Lock Keyed fittings, Keys inside the fitting take the load off the buttons giving longevity to the fittings.

Double Button giving total security to the rods not coming apart.

Rods – Solid, not hollow High quality Nylon rod material 14mm sturdy with bend ideal for open fires that need a bit of navigation or chimneys 9″ -25″ diameter. All sizes of rods will connect to each other 12mm to a 16mm to a 14mm

Fittings to Rods – All fittings are glued crimped and pinned wobble free secure tight fittings, fittings are inline with each other no need to rotate the next rod to locate the button.

Torpedo brush head – Solid Aluminium head offering long term durability and ease to change strands

Driver – Stainless steel with a standard chuck shape, eliminating skidding in the chuck and being stainless steel durable.

12 month replacement warranty – In the unlikely event you do have a fault, we will replace the item hassle-free.

Attachments- Many attachments from chain brushes, wire strand heads, nest hooks, bristle brushes and many more can be used.

Low Price – We manufacture so we can offer the savings directly onto the end user, no middle men.


Everything you need to get started or swapping over to power sweeping or renewing your current power sweeping kit.

Kit includes

12 x 1m 12mm diameter

12x 1m 14mm diameter

12 x 16mm diameter

10 x 16mm Aluminium Rods

1 x 4 strand Mini For boiler pipe work

2 x Aluminium Torpedo brush head 10 strand 1 x 12″-25″  1 x 25-50″

2x Aluminium Ultimate scrub 18 strand brush head (select size) 18 strand   1 x 12″-25″  1 x 25-50″

2 x Torpedo brush head 4 strand Brass Brush head

2 x 4″-12″

2 x Wire strand brush 1 x 4″-12″ 1 x 12″-25″

2 x Chain Brush 4″-12″ 12″-25″

2 x Clay Liner Breaker small and large

1 x Nest Hook brush retrieval tool

4 x drill drivers 2 x quick connect 2 x key driver

4 x Bags

All our rods are solid FluFlex Material, not hollow, check when buying from other suppliers.


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